Calligraphy Cumbria - Proposed for Summer 2018: Humanist Scripts

Six days of study--scripts of the Italian humanists, concentrating on manuscripts by Pierantonio Sallando & Bartolomeo San Vito.  An intensive course experience with Barcelona-based calligraphers, Keith & Amanda Adams, at our stunning Lake District location.
Learn to write the scripts of two of the most admired historical Italian scribes, and use them as a base to develop your individual modern interpretations. We will make our own pens (bring feathers if you can!) and enhance our writing with beautiful flourishes and decorative techniques of the Sixteenth Century.
Beginners are welcome; advanced scribes will receive more exacting instruction.


Start: July 13 @ 10:00 am

End: July 18 @ 5:00 pm

in two modules:
13-15 July Module 1: the scripts of Pierantonio Sallando
16-18 July Module 2: the scripts of Bartolomeo San Vito

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Calligraphy Cumbria - Proposed for Summer 2018: Visigothic Scripts & Decoration

Six days of study--Visigothic script and decoration. An intensive course experience with Barcelona-based calligraphers, Keith & Amanda Adams, at our stunning Lake District location.
Learn to write the text scripts and display letters of First Millennium Spain, with particular reference to the manuscripts of the texts of the monk, Beatus of Liébana--along with their stunning illustration cycles--the guide to the expected Apocalypse; and adapt them to your own Twenty-first Century style.
Beginners are welcome; advanced scribes will receive more exacting instruction.


Start : July 20 @ 10:00 am

End: July 25 @ 5:00 pm

in two modules:
20-22 July Module 1: the Visigothic scripts
23-25 July Module 2: Visigothic decoration

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Calligraphy Cumbria - Prices & Accommodation

Cost: £450 (6-day option)


£250 (per single module)

Cost includes all tools and materials (pens, paper, inks and paints) and a delicious wholefood lunch each day.
Comfortable cottage accommodation is available.  Details are given below.

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Calligraphy Courses Overview

You will learn to write these historical scripts along with modern interpretations, majuscules & minuscules.  Bring words you want to write!  Develop your own lettering projects with expert guidance.  Enhance your texts with beautiful and amusing initial letters and border decorations.
You will also learn how to make pens, and we’ll be grinding pigments to make paint.  Bring backyard bamboo, ordinary reed/cane stems, bullrushes (dry), if you can… and if anyone lives near swan-frequented ponds go round and pick up dropped feathers, the bigger the better; but they needn’t be glamorous ones.  Recycling beer and other aluminium cans work well too!
Each day there will be six hours of instruction, plus some evening presentations (slides/keynote).  These unique courses run over six days and there are three-day modular options.
No previous experience necessary!  More experienced calligraphers will receive exacting instruction.

About the Tutors

Keith Adams (M.A., Oxon), has lived and worked in Catalonia since 1976.  He has been professor of calligraphy at Eina School of Art and Design, a faculty of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, since 1985, and teaches regularly at many other Catalan design institutions as well as being a founding instructor at the first full academic year calligraphy course in Spain at Visions--Centre d'Illustració. 
Amanda is a past president of the (Seattle) Society for Calligraphy & Handwriting; and was awarded First Prize for Italic Handwriting from the Society for Italic Handwriting (London) in 1993, 1996 and 2001.  
Together they have taught intensive summer courses in the Communities of the Arche (of Lanza del Vasto) in France since 1985,  along with over a hundred other monographic courses in Brittany, Flanders, Catalonia, Spain, France, &c., and have had over twenty exhibitions of their lettering as well as participating in many collective exhibitions including the 2015 Calligraphy Exhibiton at the Spanish National Library.

Keith and Amanda’s webpage
Read about the first calligraphy course at Laya Point in 2015
Read about the second calligraphy course at Laya Point in 2016
Keith and Amanda’s You Tube channel

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Should you require accommodation, there are a number of options:

  • Rooms are available in a comfortable and homely farmhouse cottage with spectacular views of the valley and a large well appointed kitchen for self-catering.  Single and double options available.  £35 per person per night.

  • For the wild at heart camping is available with showers and hot water available on site.  Pitch your tent in this glacial valley of England’s Lake District and enjoy 360˚ of panoramic spectacular views.  Camping – £10 per tent per night.

  • There are also a number of local bed & breakfast options in the Duddon Valley and nearby Broughton-in-Furness.

  • Visit Staying with Us for more details and accommodation options.

For more information or to book on the course,  please contact us at